About Pooja


Her journey so far

Being an honest follower of a healthy life, I drove myself to reach an optimum body state where I could be active and help others attain the same. Not only did I fight obesity but gave my osteoarthritis condition hard time. My personal achievement of a healthy lifestyle was the phoenix of my obese body. The perspective to being active started from the emerging point of being fit, which also paved my way to becoming a professional in this domain.


What Kept Me Going?

Having had an obese childhood I missed out on so many fun activities like cycling, running playing a sport, always sitting on the fence and watching. As a young mom I had a BMI of 31 plus. I thought I had missed out on too much already and no way was I going to miss out on the fun of being an active mom . I wanted to be a hands on, fit mom and enjoy my motherhood and the prime of my life to the fullest. This pushed me and kept me going on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

Am I your Breakthrough?

It is never too early or late to start a healthy living. I am here to kick start your journey to weight loss, no matter where you are. Achieving a body that makes you feel fit, healthy and energised is what you are stepping in for. Omit the repetitive thoughts of going to the gym and let yourself into a world of effective workouts in sync with your very own personalised diet chart. I am here to make fitness a part of your daily life. Remember, there are no quick fixes, you have to eat healthy and work out.Contact me for an effective exercise regime and a foolproof diet plan that’ll help you reach a point you only dreamt of.


Professional Certifications

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3 Aqua Certs -3



ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Health Coach

Crossfit L1 Trainer

FISAF Certified
Aqua Aerobics Instructor