Deeba Ali | Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultation


Deeba, a young mom with a high stress job – at 5’3″ and 61kgs, she was near perfect. But then for some, near perfect isn’t enough.

Deeba approached Pooja with a simple request – a trimmer waist and to control her borderline cholesterol.

During the process of consultation, Pooja discovered that although Deeba didn’t eat much, her meal-times were neither regular nor ideal, and there was some unhealthy snacking in between. Pooja created a balanced diet plan, which Deeba diligently followed.

Week on week Deeba’s weight loss unfolded effortlessly, while Pooja kept tweaking the diet plan to maintain the fabulous progress that Deeba was making.

Pooja considers this consult a little more special, as this was a long distance consultation!

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