Malini Muddappa | Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultation


Before approaching Pooja, Malini tried many diets over a period of time. None of them worked – Malini hated those diets, as they were hard to follow and left her irritable.

There were many hurdles before the first 10kgs of weight loss:
1. Extremely busy schedule, erratic timings, and sometimes no time to sit and eat.
2. Travel to remote places with limited food choices.
3. Anniversaries, birthdays and a very gregarious fun loving family who love to eat out.
4. Malini hates the gym or any form of rigorous exercise.

Despite these less than optimum conditions, Malini and Pooja worked together and never gave up. The weight loss took longer to happen given the hurdles. On the brighter side, losing weight slowly also means it’s going to be easier to maintain!

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