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“When I started I was very skeptical about starting a diet program, because I was not sure that I would see results and that I will be able to continue later. For the longest time I was kidding myself that weight gain was related to age and nothing could be done about it. But what I learnt from this experience with Pooja is that how imperfect my almost ‘perfect’ lifestyle was, and how easy it is to change the imperfections.

Now I believe you are never too old to try to change. There is a new found respect for the word ‘try’!

I have always considered eating right as something tough and difficult, but today I feel it’s not as bad, it just requires some organizing and a great coach to nudge you in the right direction. Pooja’s diet recommendations are easy, tasty and fun to follow. They never frazzled me or my kitchen help.

Pooja has an incredible quality to listen to others and understand what they are actually saying and respecting what they have to say or feeling. I never ever felt ‘alone’ even when progress was not as expected. It was Pooja’s journey too. It was never me versus the diet; we were always on the same side. I can easily say that Pooja helped me change an important aspect of my life.
— Aparna

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