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An exercise system that works for everyone!

Plunge into the pool with Pooja and experience different workout styles such as deep-water aqua, shallow-water aqua, functional training based classes, circuit classes, and many more exciting techniques. Water workouts and aqua aerobics are a risk-free form of exercise for people of all ages and health conditions. Working out in the water is effective because of various reasons, including the soft resistance provided by water, which at the same time supports your weight and hence increases range of motion.


Aqua aerobics classes in bangalore


Aqua aerobics exercises are safe even if one has arthritis or other joint related problems. Same applies for individuals with decreased agility caused by advancing age or any health reasons, including overweight and obesity.


Bangalore's best water aerobics exercises, training and classes.

As these water based exercises are performed in fairly shallow water, you do NOT need to know swimming to participate in aqua aerobics.

Are Aqua Aerobics For You?

Aqua workouts help you get better flexibility, and improve your cardio and muscular development. They are also great for general fitness and weight loss. Being a very inclusive fitness option, water aerobics exercises are an ideal form of exercise for anybody – from senior citizens to pregnant women, or a totally fit person to someone who’s been sedentary for a long time.

Aqua Aerobics Classes in Bangalore

Pooja’s aqua aerobics classes are on in Bangalore, at centrally located and convenient locations.


Ongoing weekday classes are available at the fabulous new pool at Conrad Bangalore near Ulsoor lake. Two classes, starting at 7 am and 8am. 

To join HydroFit®  classes and to check about current schedule and fees, please write to pooja@hydrofit.in


Buy passes to HydroFit®  classes, pay securely through InstaMojo. 

(1) Monthly class pass @ Conrad Bangalore (Rs.7,670)

(2) 10 session pass @ Conrad Bangalore (Rs.5,900)

(3) Single class pass @ Conrad Bangalore (Rs.767)


Bangalore's best water aerobics exercises,   training and classes, hydrofit celebrity coach pooja.